Before & After School


JKC’s Breakfast Club is available from 7.15am, serving breakfast until 8am (typically offering: cereals, toast, muffins, crumpets, yoghurts and fruit).


Our Breakfast Club offers a planned activity, usually theme-based. Children are also free to play with a wide variety of toys and games within JKC. We transport children to a number of local schools starting at 8.30am.

Our After School Club starts with collecting children at the end of the school day. Toys and games are available at JKC, along with a light home prepared tea.  After tea children can choose their own activities or participate in the planned activity. JKC staff are always discussing activity ideas with children. In fine weather we take advantage of all the amenities in our gardens. During winter there are more indoor and organised activities.

All JKC activities take place in a specially designated room. Our gardens and their active play are available, along with a WII. There is an area set a side to do homework.

Features of our Breakfast & After School Club care

  • Pick up morning and afternoon from nearby schools, Elmhurst, Hindhayes & Brookside

  • Quiet study and active play available to each child

  • Separate designated before, after school and holiday club room

  • A whole range of fun, exciting activities to suit all age groups

  • Open from 7.15am Monday-Friday

  • Open until 6:00pm Monday-Friday (last pick up 6:00pm)

  • Open until 8.00pm Thursdays

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Give us a call:

01458 446999